Did you have such a thing that you wake up after booze and can’t remember what happened last night? I didn’t, but our hero Olaf ... With unenviable regularity, he wakes up in a dilapidated house and tries to remember how he did it. Your task as a player is to restore the hero’s path from the bed to the front door, visiting each destroyed item only once.

Arrows/WASD - navigation, R - restart.

Game still be in development.  New levels will be added soon :)

Development log


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Nice game!! :)

Thanks!) Do you have any recommendations?



Thank you for your review!

  • It's an early build, I'm trying to show all available mechanics in these levels.
  • I will make world map, levels selector and volume control asap, just busy with work and study.
  • Now players really can finish level with 5 or 0 percent progress (in debug purposes). When levels selector will be ready, I will set the limit by 75%. If you didn't reach 100%, you will not be shown in the leaderboard.
  • I will review nav buttons speed, maybe I will allow doing auto-steps (when hero do steps while you keep key pressed).
  • It's a helpful idea about destroyed items counter, maybe I will add a button to highlight all unfixed items also.
  • You are right that game is adapted for mobile screens, I will publish this game in Google Play after the alpha stage.
  • About axe - when the hero is naked, he cannot "fix" large objects. Later it will be part of the puzzle, now it's more like proof of concept.
  • I would like to add levels editor and multiplayer also.

So thank you, you showed a lot of moments, which I can fix and improve.

Small but lovely game,  illustrating the theme "Repair" with a funny story!

Good job!

Thanks) I will add new levels and mechanics